6 Ways to Take Care of Angora Cats, Let’s Try!

Sleepy Angora Cat

For those of you who are interested in choosing Angora cats, it’s best to know in advance how to treat Angora cats properly. Because caring for Angora cats is not the same as caring for cats in general.

Care for Angora cats is easy and easy because not only is the fur really smooth, Angora cats need more attention than other cats.

Angora is a type of cat that needs extra love and attention because Angora is a spoiled type of cat. These cats are quite naughty cats, more so if they do not get enough attention from their owners.

For those of you who have Angora cats or are interested in adopting Angora cats, quoted from Suduthewan.com and several other sources, the following steps for caring for Angora cats are recommended:

Prepare a spacious cage

Angora cats, including cats that like to play until you need to provide a cage that is wide enough for him.

Not only provide a wide cage but make sure you also provide various types of toys for him, calculated “space” for the Angora to climb and soar.

This needs to be prepared because Angora cats are actually active cats.

Bathing regularly

Although cats can usually clean themselves by licking their bodies, it is recommended that you regularly bathe Angora cats that you have at least every two months.

Bathing Angora cats too often is not recommended, because Angora cat fur is fragile and prone to natural hair loss when it is bathed frequently.

Diligently combing his fur

So that Angora cat fur is always well-groomed and healthy, you are recommended to routinely comb or brush its fur every day or every few days. You can use long-toothed metal combs that are generally sold at pet stores.

Beautiful Angora Cat

Regularly combing Angora hair is not just a side to maintaining its appearance and also reduces the effect of swallowing a hairball, which can cause problems with digestion.

Diligently cut his nails

Not only diligently combing his fur, but you must also keep the nails clean. The trick is easy. You need to cut nails regularly at least once a few weeks or once a month.

If you decide to cut the angora cat’s own nails in the house, make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. Standing your cat, then slowly cut the nails. If you still doubt to cut it yourself, do it at the vet or the closest animal salon.

Clean his ears regularly

So that clean Angora cat’s ears are always awake, it is recommended to clean their ears every two weeks. Cats are generally able to remove earwax themselves, but sometimes it takes human help to clean it.

Well, in cleaning the cat’s ears, use a cotton ball or a clean wet cloth and gently wipe the side of his ear, but stay away from cleaning the flow of his ears. Clean Angora cat ears are usually pink and not smelly.

Watch its food

You should pay attention to the food that is given because one of the problems that often approaches Angora cats is obesity.

You are encouraged to feed high protein foods where the protein content of each food you give is less than 40%. You can talk to your vet regarding recommended Angora cat food.

That’s the recommended step to treat Angora cats. You have to really pay attention and take the time to play with it every day if you really want your Angora cat to be healthy and not naughty.

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